Timperley Vets Tournament

Back (l-r) Kev Edwards, Shaun Gerber, Mark Hutchinson, James Pennington, Roger Stokes, Andy Parker, Harry Mayou Front (l-r) Jason Taplin, Ken Lapsley, James Atkins, Pat Veasey, James Meer, Steve Hewitt.

Group results:
Timperley 2-2 Nuneaton
(Mark Hutchinson, Roger Stokes)

Wolves Khalsa 1-0 Nuneaton
(Conceded with last touch of game!)


Nuneaton 5-0 Stafford
(James Atkins 2, James Meer, Roger Stokes, Mark Hutchinson)


Nuneaton 6-0 Crewe
(Roger Stokes 2, Mark Hutchinson, Ken Lapsley, Shaun Gerber, James Atkins)


Semi Final:
North over 50s 0-0 Nuneaton
(Nuneaton won in Shuttle shootout).


Nuneaton 1-2 Timperley
(James Meer)


Hard luck lads - played superbly!

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