With all square in the competition, both teams were looking for a win in game 11 of the Centenary Trophy.  

The Greens started strongly and piled the pressure onto the Whites.  Their efforts were soon rewarded with a penalty corner which was fired into the net by Liam Spiller.  The Whites immediately fought back and were soon awarded a penalty flick following a deliberate foot in the D. First time goal keeper Oz Yasin was given no chance by Atticus Walton-Hayfield who fired the ball into the bottom left for the equaliser. 

Both teams went on the offensive in the second half but an umpiring misunderstanding by Whites defender Mark Randle, allowed young Iggy Walton-Hayfield to cunningly steal the ball, carry it into the D and send a perfect cross to Joe Kendal who slammed it home. 

Staring defeat in the face, the Whites rallied and won a penalty corner.   Atticus Walton Hayfield took the strike and found the net with a blistering shot.   With the scores level, the Greens pushed forward in search of a winner only to be caught on the break.   Pat Veasey picked up a loose ball inside the D and slipped it left into the path of Atticus Walton-Hayfield who fired it home to bag his hat trick. Things went from bad to worse for the Greens as their young defender, Leon Fray limped off the pitch and hopped off to A&E with an injured ankle.

So with a 3 -2 win, the Whites again lead in the competition, but with the closeness and competitiveness of these games, the fate of the 100 year old trophy is far from decided.