On a warm September Saturday, 11 set out for St Nics Park Warwick with a mixture of youth and experience hopeful for a good start to their pre-season.

It started with a few bumps in the road with James Owens locking his kit in his garage and Ady Baker having the wrong shirt, the rest of the afternoon was hopefully going to improve. 

Nuneaton started well playing a 4-1-3-2, creating chances but the Khalsa Leamington goalkeeper was not going to be beaten with  a level of bombardment from the Nuneaton attacking line. 

Finally about 10 minutes before half time a swift set of passes around the goalkeeper saw us go one up and in some ways opened the flood gates and we were 3-0 up at half time. With the team settled in to some very patient build up play from a dynamic back four who seemed capable of passing the ball through the eye of a needle. 

After a brief team talk in the shade of a near by tree the 2nd half started and it couldn’t of started much better with a gift from the Khalsa Leamington goalkeeper. Patient play continued and the Nuneaton side passed the ball well round the back and through the midfield. In the final 3rd there was a floury of skills from our forwards, supported by a hard working and disciplined midfield who held good structure meaning clinical finishing saw another 2 goals slotted passed the Khalsa Leamington side. 

It was to end 6-1 with a good performance being rewarded by what looks on paper as a comfortable victory. There will be greater challenges ahead…

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